Organizational Structure

Zambia Missions.

This ministry is under the oversight of the Sycamore View Church of Christ (Bartlett, TN) and is supported by various churches and individuals within the USA. This ministry provides funding to the Bible College and other ministries in Zambia that operate under Daybreak: Mission of Hope (DMH). Dr. French serves as a missionary (sponsored by Sycamore View) and as the President of DMH.

Daybreak: Mission of Hope (DMH).

In Zambia it is necessary that we be registered with the government so that we can operate legally in the country. Thus, we have registered ourselves with the government under the name, Daybreak: Mission of Hope (DMH). Ministries operating under DMH include Daybreak Bible College, Kerin's Kids, Center For African Missions, Daybreak Christian School and several additional unnamed ministries.

Board of Directors for DMH: Charles Phiri, Edward Cholwe, Katito Bizwell, Chigali Kapili, David & Lorie French, Ralph Griggs, Kerin Mashekwah, and John French.

President & CEO of DMH: Dr. David K French

Chief Financial Officer: Stella Tembo

  • Daybreak Bible College (DBC).  Director: Mustapha Sandi
  • Kerin's Kids (Orphan/Children's Ministry).  Director: Kerin French Mashekwah
  • Daybreak Christian Primary School.  Director: Lorie J. French (M.Ed.).  Head Teacher: Isaac Ngambi.
  • Daybreak Agricultural Training Program.  Director: Francis Mwanza
  • Optical Clinic.  Director: Lorie J. French

Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI).

The program at the Bible College has been given accreditation by SIBI of Lubbock Texas. Students graduating from the Bible College are given either a diploma from SIBI. Dr. French also serves under the oversight of Sunset International Bible Institute as their representative so as to ensure the academic standards of MBC are in keeping with those of SIBI. Daybreak Bible College (DBC) was originally started as a branch school of Sunset but was able in 2005 to establish separate funding so that the the school is now classified as an affiliated school of SIBI.