History of Daybreak Bible College

Daybreak Bible College (DBC) was originally called Mapepe Bible College which was started in the late 1950’s and operated as a two-year training program for about five years. Unfortunately, when the founding foreign missionary returned home in 1964, the financial support dried up and the school closed. The school remained closed for the next forty years until Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI) initiated an effort in partnership with the Zambian Board of Trustees to restart the school.

Dr. David French was asked to be the Dean of this new school and, subsequently, the college was re-started in 2005 at the Central Church of Christ in downtown Lusaka. The school began operations in early 2005 as a branch school of SIBI.  However, it was soon decided that the school should be re-classified as an independent, indigenous school since it already had a Zambian Board of Trustees.  Hence, the school was re-organized in 2006 as an affiliated school with SIBI and its program accredited by SIBI.

In 2006 the college moved to the campus of Mapepe where it remained for nine years.  In 2014 the college moved to a new 50-acre campus about 20 miles south of Lusaka (village of Shimabala) and the college was renamed Daybreak Bible College.   The new campus was much better suited to the type of practical, holistic training that DBC seeks to provide its students.  The larger campus is more fertile than the previous campus and is sufficient to provide all students with a garden plot upon which to learn self-sustain agriculture using drip irrigation.