Prayer Requests

Deliver Us From Evil.

Although Africans are wonderful people, this is a region that is suffering heavily from the efforts of Satan's Kingdom to destroy God's creation. This ministry is passionately dedicated to overthrowing this kingdom of darkness and to free people from the tyranny of evil caused by the demonic world. Obviously, this puts all of us involved in this ministry at Mapepe deep in enemy territory since this is a stronghold for the kingdom of darkness. This, in turn, puts us on the front-lines of the attack and at great personal risk both physically and spiritually. Jesus told his disciples (us) to pray to the Father to be delivered and protected from evil (Mt 7:1-7). Please pray for all of us at Mapepe that God will protect and deliver us from the evil that surrounds us.

The Zambian Government.

Paul urged the Romans to pray for the leaders of the land. This is especially important in Africa where many countries have fallen into civil war and political-economic instability. In just the last six years, Zambia has experienced the sudden death of two Presidents and has had to endure four elections (four Presidents).  Although this has been a relatively peaceful transition of power, recent history in Africa testifies to the disstablizating effect of political transitions. Please pray for the new President and the government of Zambia. Please pray for their health and that God will grant them wisdom and direction as they seek to lead the country into this new period in their history. Pray for stability and peace, especially during this period of global recession.

Daybreak Missions.

Daybreak: Mission of Hope is dedicated to advancing the kingdom (rule) of God in Central Africa and is, therefore, engaged in many different mission efforts designed to accomplish this purpose. Students are being trained to be self-supporting spiritual leaders. Every weekend our students are engaged in mission efforts off campus in the surrounding villages.

Student Families.

Many of our students are married and have sacrificed much in order to attend classes each year. This often includes leaving members of their families (and extended families) behind in their home villages.  Many have never traveled more than 10 miles from their home villages and, thus, moving to Daybreak Mission involves a great deal of change for them.  Please pray for the safety and well-being of the students families.

Financial Support.

Funding is and has always been a major challenge for foreign mission works. Please pray that the Lord will provide the necessary funding that is needed to conduct this ministry in an effective manner.