Donations for Zambia

There are many different ways that you can support this ministry.  Listed below is a list of ministries and how you can contribute to them. 

To make a contribution ONLINE, just click on the "Donate Now" button below each ministry area in order to donate to that specific ministry.

To make a contribution by CHECK, just make your check payable to “Zambia Missions” and mail it to: Zambia Missions, 1910 Sycamore View Rd., Bartlett, TN 38134.  If you would like to donate to a specific ministry, then please specifiy (memo line) to which ministry area you would like to contribute (all unspecified funds will be deposited into the general operations fund and used where most needed).


Zambia Missions -- General Fund

Financial support given to "Zambia Missions" provides the basic monthly support necessary to fund the various ministries and programs at Daybreak Mission (Zambia). Contributions may be made on a monthly basis or as a one-time contribution. Contributions can be made by check or online (by clicking on the Donate button below).  You can specify any specific area of ministry to which you would like to contribute to (cf. instructions above).  Any contributions that are not "earmarked" for a specific purpose will be used for the overall mission effort (used where most needed). 

Bible College

Student training involves a three-year program that incorporates both classrom and practical hands-on training in holistic ministry (both spiritual and humanitarian ministry).  Students must be married and bring their wives with them for all three years as both students and their wives are trained in a variety of subjects: Bible, disciple-making, agriculture, children's ministry (orphan-care), Community Schools (trained to be Community School teachers), preventive health-care, basic medicine, and marriage/family ministry.  You can click contribute to the Bible College or any of these specific areas of training by sending a check to the above mentioned address or online (by clicking on the following Donate button).

Kerin's Kids (Children's Ministry)

There are several different ministries that are dedicated to saving infants and orphans (who are the most vulnerable in Zambia). Click here for further information. If you would like to contribute to helping vulnerable children and orphans, then click on the "Donate" button below or send you donation to the above address (note on the memo line to what you would like to donate):

  • Baby Formula -- for children whose mothers have died or for nursing mothers with HIV  ($50 per month for one or two years).
  • Baby House -- cost of providing temporary housing and care for orphan  ($90 per month).
  • Medical Assistance -- cost of providing medical care to sick children and children in need of surgery (any amount).

Primary School (Education Ministry).

Daybreak Mission operates a Primary School for Grades K-7.  Not only does this school provide a quality Christian education for poor and vulnerable children in the community (as well as for our staff and student's children), but it also provides a practical teacher training for our students and their wives so that they can start Community Schools in the villages upon their return home after graduation. There are several specific areas of need to which you can donate either by check (above address) or online (click on following Donate button):

  • Student School Fees ($20 per month) -- Pays the cost of one student to attend the Primary School (for students whose families cannot pay for them to attend).
  • School Supplies for 25 Students ($50 per month) -- Pays for pencils, paper, books, and all other school supplies.
  • Lunch Program for 25 students ($75 per month) -- Many of the school children are severly malnurished.  This provides them with one good nutritional meal per day.
  • One Teachers Salary ($90 per month) -- This pays the salary of the Teachers (which is not covered by the school fees).
  • School Uniforms ($12 per student) -- Although this is a British/Zambian custom, it does insure that the children have, at least, one good set of clothes to wear to school.

Optical Ministry

Daybreak owns an Auto-Refractor Kit that allows us to give eye exams to village people and give them donated prescription eye-glasses.  This is a very inexpensive ministry, but it is one of the most life-changing ministries that we operate.  Most people in Zambia have never had an eye exam nor acquired a pair of eye-glasses.  Thus, many people go their whole life-time without being able to clearly see the external world around them.  You can donate by check or online (Donate button below) to buy and ship prescription eye-glasses to Zambia. 

Building Projects

Presently we are in the midst of a major building effort to build several much needed buildings at our new Daybreak campus. In the next three years we must build 10 married student apartments ($4500 each), one large chicken house for third-year students agriculture training program ($15,000), four married teacher houses ($25,000 each), and other various buildings.  If you would like to donate funds to complete these contruction projects, then you can send your donations to the address above and include a note earmarking the contribution for "Construction" or use the Donate button above.  For more information, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..